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InTech offers three basic levels of protection.

1)  Image-based back-up files that can be stored on-site so files and emails that are accidentally deleted can be easily restored.  We configure your solution so that as your data changes throughout the day, your backup copy does too.

2)  Next we suggest off-site back-up, because your local back-ups may be vulnerable to whatever happens on-site.  We can incrementally back-up your data to secure hosting facilities on both the East and West Coasts.  This insures your current data is safe, regardless of what happens to your facility or to either U.S. coast (perhaps hurricanes or earthquakes right?).

3)  For a proper disaster recover, InTech prepares you with the installation of a NetApp central storage system and a virtualized network infrastructure to provide our clients with the absolute highest level of security and recoverability; a design that touts 99.999% up-time.

With this infrastructure, performing a restore is as easy as loading the NetApp software on ANY server, and copying the latest image of your network onto the new server.  And, if your business requires it, you and your employees can even log-in and access your software and data from any computer with internet access if  your data is backed up to our offsite locations.

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Maybe it is a call in the early hours of the morning – “Sir, this is the township fire department.”  Maybe terrorists blew up your network like in Die Hard, or maybe you just deleted the one email that proves your case in a lawsuit.

Whether you lose everything, or just the one piece of data you need, InTech can provide the recovery solution.

InTech IT Solutions protects your data and software by providing multiple back-up options to store and restore your data, we can save you time and money compared to traditional back-ups.


The Old (terrible) Way

Traditional back-ups run once a day, or maybe only once a week, with complicated software copying files and databases to tapes (who uses tapes anymore?).  If you have a problem mid-day before the traditional backup, all the work from this morning (or this week) is gone.

The tapes must then be moved off-site.  (Remember that call from the fire department?) Hopefully, the tapes are encrypted, in case one is accidentally lost in transit or terrorists capture the tapes with all of your financial information.

To recover from a true catastrophe with this tape method, you must not only retrieve your back-up tape, but also find the correct tape drive to read it.  Not only is this “bare-metal restore technique” time-intensive, it is also labor-intensive and can be expensive to run as well as recover with.


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