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When it comes to protecting your company’s data and the network that allows you to use it, there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

InTech IT Solutions works with you design a security and monitoring plan that keeps your network accessible to you and secure from everyone else, at a price point in line with your goals.  The first step is meeting with you to determine what that reality is.  InTech will then custom-design an effective security and monitoring plan that maximizes your network security within your budget.

We provide custom solutions that allow communication in all the ways necessary for your business, while effectively blocking unauthorized and potentially harmful access.  If your satellite offices need the same network access as headquarters, we can secure that communication.  If necessary, InTech can also help you keep tabs on what your employees are doing on your network.

Additionally, we can monitor your network and report when someone has been snooping around.  Knowing about a potential breach allows a proactive response that prevents future problems.

To learn more about how InTech can make your network more secure, call us at 419-354-0007 or email us at

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