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Our Clients

“The folks at InTech do everything for us, they troubleshoot all aspects of our hardware needs, our software needs.  Their service is excellent.  They’re responsive, they help us out as soon as we need them, they work overnight for us at times, they accomodate our schedules.  When we need them to be somewhere, they are there.” Lynda Kalucki, RVA

“IT is a very personal issue, there is a lot that goes on in that area and InTech has been great.  I would recommend InTech to anybody, I think they are awesome.”Mike Hart, President of Hart Inc.

“InTech IT implements solid solutions that work. We had 13 servers running on 14 pieces of hardware and they proposed that we virtualize our environment to save on space, utilities and most of all cost. InTech is a great company!” Suite Solutions Technologies

“InTech IT Solutions keeps our computer systems up to date and running smooth. They take the time to explain all the details without all of the geek speak. They help us to focus on our area of” LaValley, LaValley, Todak, & Schaefer

“InTech has a knowledgeable staff that has a very solid background in computer networking. They understand our continuous needs and offer cost effective solutions.” ACE HARDWARE

“InTech is very responsive! We have a call center that is open 16 hours a day and if there are problems, InTech responds very quickly. They can usually fix all of our issues over the phone and if not can be onsite within 1 hour.” A Dish Network Company

“The people at InTech have been very professional, extremely responsive to the market they work with and have provided a high level of service to the customers they work with.”Angelo Tomassi, IBM Channel Manager Ohio

“We needed a company that could handle the computer issues we no longer had the time or experience to deal with. InTech IT Solutions is the perfect company for us because we have the same IT Professional with us every week who knows our systems and network, and we don’t have to worry about dealing with computer problems on our own anymore.” Bock, Korsnack & Hinds

“InTech IT became our ‘IT’ department in 1998, and has been a reliable, professional, courteous and reasonably priced answer to our technical support problems since that time.  I highly recommend InTech IT Solutions for your computer support needs.” BG Ben Franklin

“We are a small store with a big presence and needed an IT company that knew how to help us with point of sale registers and a server setup. InTech IT has been great in helping us to keep our store running smoothly with very little cost.” For Keeps Gifts LLC.

 “We run the latest retinal software in the industry and InTech IT has helped us through many software and hardware upgrades. They provide all of our hardware and software and continuously make sure it is updated.” BG Vision Center

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