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The following are examples of solutions we currently provide or have provided in the recent past:

Catholic Diocese of Ohio: For the Catholic Diocese we helped them seamlessly migrate their e-mail boxes from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2010 with no downtime and their e-mail server to a virtualization platform of 2 IBM servers and a NetApp, simplifying disaster recovery and nearly eliminating any possible future server downtime.  We are also in the middle of developing an interface to facilitate the record keeping of Diocese schools and institutions to keep track and manage the large quantity and information that is shared among the many institutions of the Catholic Diocese of Ohio.

Retina Vitreous Associates: We initialized electronic health record implementation and launched a Citrix platform to allow doctors to connect to their desktop computers from their iPad, phone or any other electronic device while moving about the office.  They could be in any room or on any floor and be able to securely access their patients’ medical records, speeding up the process to see their patients, resulting in more patients seen per day, more revenue per day and more golf time for the doctors.

CE Electronics: We virtualized their entire work environment that existed on 12 old physical servers onto 2 new IBM servers; saving them money in future new equipment costs, time in new employee computer setup and memory in safe and efficient virtualized data back-up solutions.

Hart Inc.: We are their day to day IT solutions provider, solving their emergency issues at a moment’s notice as well as their nominal tech problems with weekly scheduled appointments.

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