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Save money, resources and time while making your network simpler to manage and more secure; virtualization is the ultimate solution.

Simply put, virtualization lets you run multiple “virtual” computers or servers on a single physical machine.  It is a procedure that allows you to allocate what you would think of as a computer, its operating system, as a file on a server.  The drives and servers, which can also be virtualized, are then automatically mapped so that data can be shared among virtual machines and servers.  This architecture runs ultra-efficiently because resources are utilized by different “virtual” machines and memory is automatically allocated to appropriate machines for maximum efficiency.

The cost savings can be tremendous and our strategic partnerships with NetApp and VMWare can save you even more with the implementation of a virtual environment.

The CEO of Seimens and CTO of Kroger talk about how their respective companies benefited from virtualization

You no longer need separate physical servers to run your SQL database, your custom Linux-based software, and your Exchange Server and file storage; all three can be virtualized on one physical server.

Virtualization will save you money on new hardware, which is no longer necessary because the virtualization software is the hardware, on energy, cooling and on space.  Fewer physical servers also means less time and money spent maintaining them.

The simplification and high reliability of virtualized hardware makes sense in any environment, large or small.  Price points for virtualized environments are realistic for small businesses even if you only have one server and a couple of desktops.  We have implemented virtual environments for more than a dozen clients and each situation has been fantastic for our clients.


Flexibility in a Virtual Environment…
A virtual environment allows your network to be extremely flexible.  With different types of servers virtualized on one server any employee can access data with their machine no matter what interface they are using, whether it is a smartphone, iPad, or PC using Windows or an Ubuntu Linux OS.

With virtualization, “Setting up” a new PC for a new hire is as simple as making a copy of the file.

With different virtual machine products, all of your virtualized machines can be managed from a single interface, greatly reducing the time needed to perform maintenance and updates.  Scheduled server updates and maintenance can occur on a copy of the server file, which can be put live without a lengthy maintenance window. Unexpected issues can be resolved much more quickly by just pasting a back-up copy.

At deployment, a new server or workstation file can be built on the existing machine and deployed instantly. If the physical computer needs replaced, all you have to do is load the virtualization software and paste copies of the virtual files.


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